Paid To Wear Your Hair

In 2012, we had the privilege of creating digital content for another start-up business launch. We were introduced to Derrick Alexander through a client who was on his executive team. Derrick and his wife Mercy were pursuing their dream of bringing the multi-million dollar hair weave business to masses of entrepreneurs through their new multi-level […]

I sing the Body Magic

London Body Magic was one of several marketing websites we developed for distributors of the Ardyss International products. During its heyday in 2009, Ardyss International was one of the hottest and fastest growing multi-level marketing organizations in the U.S. The Body Magic is a modern-day version of a corset. The wearer is promised a shapely […]

We’d love to design your next website

Building a home on the web is a hassle-free experience when you choose 360 Digital Media as your partner. First, we’ll take the time to make sure we understand your purpose and vision. Then we’ll handle all the technical stuff so you can enjoy the ride. When all the work is done, we’ll make sure […]

How to Get Started

First of all, we’d like to thank you for trusting us with your project. We are proud to play a role in helping you build a website, or start a print campaign, or prepare a media blitz! If we can help you in all of these areas, it’s even better! We’ll help you organize and […]