A Celebrity Web Series

A Celebrity Web Series

When Vanessa Bell Calloway approached me about creating a website and social media campaign for her self-produced and self-financed web series, I knew it was a perfect fit for 360 Digital Media.

Ms. Calloway is a pleasure to work with. She is decisive and fully committed to her work, and has well defined goals. Most importantly, she knows her brand and her audience. This helps us keep her campaigns focused and on track.


We built the site on the WordPress platform because of its robustness, extendibility, and stability. Due to the anticipated high traffic to the site, we chose a Virtual Private Server for hosting. We decided to go with a responsive website design to insure an optimal viewing experience on all computer screens, especially mobile devices.


Social Media is a very integral component in the marketing of the web series, so we give website visitors the opportunity to share content throughout the site. We also encourage visitors to join Ms. Calloway’s networks so we can keep them continually updated. The blog we created and manage receives new content daily and each post is shared throughout all the social networks.

We prepare and manage the weekly newsletter promoting her popular Blog Talk Radio program, That’s So Very Vanessa. The archives of all of her podcasts are accessible from the website.


We created a YouTube channel to host her videos, and a dedicated Twitter account to promote the show. We also keep her Facebook fan page updated with relevant and meaningful content.

The diversity of this project keeps our staff busy, but having the important components under our direction insures that the end result is cohesive, consistent and harmonious.