Legacy of A Visual Artist

Legacy of A Visual Artist

Visual Artist Lamerol Gatewood is an incredibly gifted individual. I had worked with him for nearly a year before finally meeting him in person at his Brooklyn studio, and I must truly say that his artwork is larger than life. We continue to work with him to capture the beauty of his work and put it on display for all of the world to see.

Gatewood preferred an elegant, minimalist style with a neutral color palate that would not distract from the vivid tones and vibrant colors of his art. For the background, we decided upon a matte platinum color with a subtle paper texture.


His galleries are defined by year, and each year has its own incomparable style. He carefully selects representative pieces and uses professional grade equipment to capture the images, digitizes them, and sends them to us to optimize for the web.

The website also serves as a permanent archive that chronicles the work of the artist who paintings have been exhibited throughout the world since 1977.

We also printed his business cards on linen paper that mirrors the color and texture of his website.


360 Digital Media is delighted to have a continuing role in this project. The next stage of our work together will involve social media promotion and marketing.