The 48-Hour Website Challenge

The 48-Hour Website Challenge

If the site design is very simple and has minimal content, it is possible to turn a quality site around in 48 hours or less. Occasionally, a customer will have an urgent need to have a web presence very quickly. When our schedule allows it, we gladly accept the challenge of these kinds of requests.

We have created a few simple templates that are easy to configure and customize for an emergency situation. The customer always has the option of upgrading the layout later, but we have never had that happen because they have all been happy with the results!

Here are a couple of examples of our 48-hour sites:

Ruth, a client in Columbus, MS, sent us photos of her floral arrangements by mail, and we quickly began scanning and uploading them to her new site. We created her homepage sliding banner using stock photography. The result is very professional, and you’d never guess that it was created from start to finish in less than two days.


Trish, owner of Certified Client Solutions, knew exactly how she wanted the site to look. She showed us examples of the minimalist design style, and we were able to create the exact site she wanted in 48 hours. The site is expandable for her business growth, and she is still happy with the results:


To get a site live on the web very quickly, here are six simple things the client must be prepared to do:

  1. Have a preexisting domain name, or the ability to purchase one immediately.
  2. Be ready to purchase web hosting at the beginning of the project to allow time for setup and configuration.
  3. Select one our our simple premium designs and choose from a selection of customization options.
  4. Have all content ready for submission: logo, company information, and photos.
  5. Be accessible throughout various stages of the project to review the progress on the test site as we work.
  6. Have reasonable expectations. Complex and detailed configurations can be added later during a site upgrade.