I sing the Body Magic

I sing the Body Magic

London Body Magic was one of several marketing websites we developed for distributors of the Ardyss International products. During its heyday in 2009, Ardyss International was one of the hottest and fastest growing multi-level marketing organizations in the U.S.

The Body Magic is a modern-day version of a corset. The wearer is promised a shapely hourglass figure, due to the garments ability to contour and redistribute body fat. Relative discomfort aside, the tagline “Drop 3 sizes in 10 minutes” was readily demonstrated and proven sufficiently enough to generate robust sales for the $140 undergarment.


This London version of our independent distributor site was developed when the Ardyss International began expanding their overseas market. It is structurally similar to stores we built for the U.S. Ardyss distributors, but has its own unique design. (No two sites built by 360 Digital Media are ever alike.)

This site was built on the open source Zen Cart ecommerce platform. Products, descriptions and prices were entered manually and linked to the distributor’s Ardyss website for orders and fulfillment. We added videos, testimonials, measurement charts and promotional information to build trust and confidence with prospective buyers.

Our distributor websites were successful in creating a consistent income stream with online-only sales. We offered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to help these sites rank high in Google for relevant search terms, which in turn fueled the online sales.

Though it is safe to say that the craze for body shaping garments has subsided, the success of our MLM sites have proven that the universal principles will work for any similar endeavor.