Our Little ‘Monster”

Our Little ‘Monster”

Back in the late 1990’s, the real estate market was reaching dizzying heights. This frenzy cultivated an increasing demand for qualified talent in the mortgage financing profession. To meet this need, Mortgage Staffer was born.


This online-only recruitment service became a widely popular job placement source for mortgage industry talent. It was similar to sites like Monster.com, but was more localized and industry specific. Job hunters could either upload their resumes or enter their credentials into a convenient online form. Site administrators would pass the resumes on to mortgage companies that subscribed to the service. It was a simple, yet effective system that led to numerous job placements in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Notably, Mortgage Staffer was built using a Content Management System (CMS). This allowed the client to make edits and changes to the site in real time, a relative novelty in 2004.

In retrospect, we are amused by the cheezy stock photography and simple layout. But it was considered pretty progressive during its time, and most importantly, it got results.