• Beverly Mattox is an amazing person, as well as a terrific graphic artist and web designer. We found her to be efficient and provide top quality work. Our company Micoré International used her for work in the past and are re-engaging her again for new projects. I recommend Beverly with confidence, as a professional, and one of the sweetest women I know.

    —Derrick Alexander, CEO, MICORÉ INTERNATIONAL INC, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  • Beverly Mattox of 360 Digital Designs is the absolute greatest web designer.  The best part of working with Beverly is she really listens to what I have to say and has exhibited much patience in bringing ideas into reality. Beverly has made great suggestions when I was hesitant on how the site should look and feel. Beverly is a real creative graphic genius. I have a great site and it has exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you for all your support and tireless efforts in this creative process of creating fine art.

    —Lamarol A. Gatewood, Visual Artist, Brooklyn, NY

  • I'm used to building my own sites because I'm cheap. But I decided I no longer have the time nor the inclination so a friend of mine suggested Beverly to me. We talked, I told her what I wanted, how I wanted it, we agreed upon the price and so began our process. I needed my site to be up and running in 3 days which I know can be daunting but she did it two. I am so thrilled with what she accomplished in 2 days I will be coming back to her in a few months for my next project! Thanks Beverly!

    —Trish Rice, Certified Client Solutions, Atlanta, GA

  • Beverly Mattox demonstrates outstanding skills in marketing, web development, customer service, and personnel training. For instance, she has been thorough and creative with computer training for our staff. We especially appreciated her dedication during the development, implementation, and marketing with three websites for our business. Manding Imports of Africa is fortunate to have Ms. Mattox as our marketing and training consultant.

    —Victoria Saho, Manding Imports, Atlanta, GA